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Zumba – Fitness Practice

Zumba is a relatively young dance style, created in 2001 by Alberto Perez, a Colombian dance choreographer. This fitness program combines elements of hip-hop, salsa, samba, merengue, mambo, flamenco and belly dance. This super-mix has made zumba one of the most popular weight loss workouts in the world: at the moment it has spread in over 180 countries around the world. Its original name is translated from the Colombian dialect as “buzz, move fast”.

Why did Zumba captivate people so much? The point is that this is not just an ordinary dance program. This is a fun, energetic workout that helps you get in good body shape. Its goal is to work out the maximum number of muscles, while not exhausting you with repetitions of trivial exercises. For an hour of crazy dancing, you can burn about 400-500 kcal. Plus, Zumba Fitness is a great stress reliever to help you become more confident, positive and relaxed.

Typically, a group Zumba fitness workout lasts 45-60 minutes. The lesson begins with a dynamic warm-up and ends with stretching, and all this goes to the characteristic music. The main part of the program includes 8-10 songs in Latin American style, each song has its own unique choreography. The choreography in Zumba is usually very simple and consists of only a few dance moves that are combined in chords and repeated throughout the song. After a few sessions, even a person who is absolutely far from dancing will be able to memorize the basic movements from the program.

Over time, various directions of Zumba appeared. For example, Aqua Zumba for pool activities. Zumba in the circuit, which is a high intensity workout for weight loss or Zumba Toning, which includes doing small dumbbells. In just 15 years of existence, the ZUMBA® brand has become one of the most sought-after directions in the fitness industry.

Pros of Zumba

  • Zumba is a good aerobic workout that will help you burn excess fat and tighten your body.
  • Losing weight with dancing is not only effective but also fun. This is exactly the case when fitness is a real pleasure.
  • Regularly practicing this dance program, you will become more plastic and graceful.
  • Everyone can learn Zumba in YMCA Medford, as well! You don’t need to have any impressive skills to do this. In addition, all the choreographic movements in the program are absolutely simple and straightforward.
  • The dances are accompanied by energetic and incendiary music, so training will give you real positive emotions.
  • This type of fitness is suitable for beginners, new-born girls and those who are completely far from sports.
  • During classes, you will work out all problem areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks, including using even the deepest muscles.
  • Zumba is gaining more and more popularity in the world every year, so training is carried out in many fitness rooms.

Cons and the main features

  • It is advisable to attend classes regularly to memorize dance moves.
  • The choreography in Zumba’s workouts is quite simple, but it’s still a dance program, so for successful classes you need good coordination and a sense of rhythm.
  • If you want to get a really serious load, then it is better to sign up for Cycling or Body Pump. Zumba fitness is suitable for losing weight, but it cannot be called a very intense cardio workout. Although this largely depends on the specific instructor of the group class.

Tips for beginners

  • If you have never done dancing, and are afraid that you will have a hard time in the classroom, then check out our recommendations:
  • First of all, watch the choreography of the instructor’s lower body and try to repeat the movements of his legs. And only then add the movements of the shoulders and arms.
  • Try to do the movements “counting”, it helps keep the rhythm.
  • Feel free to stand forward in group sessions, closer to the instructor, in order to better master the sequence of movements.
  • If the first few sessions seem very difficult to you, you shouldn’t quit Zumba Fitness. As a rule, after 5-6 workouts, all the basic movements are remembered, and after a month of regular training you will forget that you recently came to class for the first time.
  • The key to success for beginners is regular visits. Despite the simple choreography, it takes practice to memorize fast-paced movements.