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The Best Healthy Lifestyle Apps of 2020

A modern mobile phone is not just a convenient gadget for making calls, sending SMS and surfing the Internet. Today, it is also a powerful device to support useful health applications. Just imagine… blood pressure monitor, calorie counter, step meter, personal trainer – and all in one small box. YMCA Burlington NJ has put together a short overview of health apps to help you on your journey to a healthier self.

Are you immersed in work, problems, solving everyday issues? Fortunately, in this case, the mobile phone turns into a real lifesaver. It is enough to keep statistics and update your data. Of course, the telephone is not a doctor. You can’t measure your pulse with a camera, and you can’t do a breathalyzer without a special device. Therefore, you need to distinguish between programs for fun and serious applications that can really help health.

«Water Balance»

Many people forget about such an important and simple need of the body as drinking water regularly. The latter enriches the cells with oxygen, thereby allowing the body to fill with nutrients. This health app serves as a reminder. It allows you to monitor the level of water in the body. The program will individually calculate how much water your body needs to function properly.


Lifesum is an excellent multifunctional health app. It counts kilocalories and gives advice on a healthy lifestyle and beauty. You just have to enter your data, and the program will approximately predict the timing of the acquisition of the dream figure. One of the simplest functions of this application is to record the amount of everything eaten per day.

In the library you will find articles about food with a description of the micro composition and the number of kilocalories. The app also monitors physical activity indicators and is perfectly combined with other sports applications. At the end of the day, the app will delight you with a message about how productive the day was and give you a grade. The information will be saved to the database, and then it will build a diagram of the results. The Lifesum archive also contains lists of principles and guidelines on which many diets are based. If necessary, you can always create a personal diet program.

«Blue Light Filter»

Researchers confirm that excessive blue light radiation reduces visual acuity and stops the production of melatonin (sleep hormone). Because of this, it is more difficult for people to fall asleep, and the quality of rest leaves much to be desired. The health app Blue Light Filter allows you to put your mobile phone into a conditionally safe mode with one button. It also saves power and allows you to adjust the intensity of the filter.

«Sleep Better»

It’s not just a useful app. This is a real fixer of sleep phases according to your movements and a caring alarm clock (the program wakes up in the morning at the most appropriate moment). Thanks to this program, you will determine the time when your sleep is most sound. This will help maintain a more correct regime in the future. Also, Sleep Better will help you determine what exactly wakes you up, what haunts you at night. By the morning, you will always have a message with statistics on sleep duration.

«Rain Rain Sleep Sounds»

There is no better lullaby than the sound of the rain. Ringtones from the archive of this health app will provide deep relaxation. Choose sounds that will help you calm down and relax after a stressful day.


According to the app, Medisafe is the best assistant for taking medications, dietary supplements, vitamins and birth control pills. It will remind you in advance what to take and when. You have the opportunity not only to set the medication regimen – how many pills, how, when and for what period to take but also to create your own electronic first aid kit, which will also include medications for an emergency, situational assistance, for example, for allergies or headaches, runny nose.

In addition, you can create a family account, for example, to take vitamins for the whole family. If you synchronize Medisafe with health monitoring devices such as a blood pressure monitor, you can store information there about how taking certain pills has affected your well-being.


Walking is the safest, most natural form of physical activity. But for a healthy lifestyle, a person must take at least 10,000-12,500 steps per day, and even more for those who are losing weight. Noom is the most simple, very convenient program for counting the number of steps taken per day. It does not have additional and unnecessary functions, it does not use the Internet and GPS, so the power consumption is minimal. To start the application, you just need to press the “Start” button. If you want extra features like calorie counting and running or walking recognition, you can try other apps like Accupedo and Moves.


Runkeeper is a perfect app for running, cycling and hiking. Runkeeper records all the details: route, distance, average speed and pace of movement, time passed and even the difference in altitude that you met on the way. A special fitness tracker will record all the data, analyze it and give its recommendations.

During the run, the program tries to motivate and communicates the current results so that you can immediately correct the training process. A nice bonus of the application – you can listen to music while jogging.


Cardiograph is one of the most favorite UMCA apps for heart rate measurement. If you place your finger on the camera of the device (it is better to do this in a well-lit room), then it will measure your heart rate. Since the data obtained after the measurement can be saved, it can be used for long-term observation. Personal profiles can be created in the program, and the results can be sent to print or e-mail to show to your doctor.


The app tracks your mood and emotional well-being, helps you fight anxiety and negative thoughts with simple and quick exercises. But the developers warn that even regular use of Happify cannot replace a psychologist and medication for some clinical conditions.