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Civic Engagement Program

Civic Engagement ProgramThe civic engagement program of the younger generation is formed today in difficult, contradictory conditions associated with deep social upheavals, radical changes in the culture of society.

An analysis of the young people behavior shows that the devaluation of patriotic values leads to an increase in extremism and antisocial manifestations that pose a threat not only to young people themselves, but also to society as a whole.

Therefore, the need to activate the patriotic education of the younger generation is extremely relevant in modern conditions. Civic engagement education should become a priority in the development of education, since today it is becoming a condition of international security.

At present, very little attention is paid attention to educating young people as patriots of their motherland, the main emphasis in the learning process is devoted to professional implementation and adaptation to life in modern society.

Although the formation of civil society and the rule of law largely depends on the level of civic and patriotic education.

Today, the relationship of citizens with the state and society is radically changing. He received great opportunities to realize himself as an independent person in various areas of life, and at the same time increased responsibility for his own destiny and other people. In these conditions, patriotism becomes the most important value, integrating not only into the social, but also the spiritual and moral, ideological, cultural, historical, military and patriotic spheres of society.

In the conditions of the civil society formation and the rule of law, it is necessary to educate a fundamentally new, democratic personality, capable of innovations, to manage their own life and activities, the affairs of society, ready to rely on their own strength, to ensure their material independence by their own labor. The modern school like YMCA, DC should make a tangible contribution to the formation of such a civic personality, combining a developed moral, legal and political culture.

This program represents a modern understanding of the civil-patriotic education importance as one of the priority areas of the education system as a whole.

The program is focused on school students, defines the content, the main ways of developing civic-patriotic education at school and is aimed at fostering patriotism and the formation of civic consciousness.

The program is a certain system of content, forms, methods and techniques of pedagogical influences. It is based on the principles of social activity, individualization, motivation, interaction between the individual and the team, the unity of the educational and upbringing environment.

The implementation of the Program is created to contribute to:

  • the development of an integral system of patriotic education, which allows students to form a high general culture, patriotic feelings and consciousness based on the historical values, hometown;
  • forming in students love for their motherland, native land, its people;
  • the formation of a responsible understanding of students of their civic duty and constitutional responsibilities;
  • creation of favorable conditions for the moral, intellectual and physical formation of the personality of the younger generation.
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