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SMU Swim Camp

SMU Swim CampThe goal of SMU Mustang Swim Camp is to enjoy while working out hard. The SMU camp provides one of the campers to train/assist correlations of elite camps in the USA. It provides the campers a genuine capability to reach personal attention from Olympic coaches, Olympic medalists, and NCAA All-Americans.

Being at the camp, every student has the right to live in the bedrooms on the camp territory. It is also pissible to attend the SMU Dining Hall. The daily regimen includes two swimming stroke sessions, a training workout, a workout on a dryland, and a racing class. The swimming stroke sessions will contain a class and workouts. The training workout is held indoor in the Aquatics Center. The racing class is also held in the indoor in the Aquatics Center, and provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate the new skills you have gained. The SMU men’s and women’s coaches nationwide will also visit these sessions to provide you with the extra respond.

One of the most significant points of this SMU swim camp is the focus on enjoying while working hard, obtaining new skills, and reaching new achievements in swimming. During the day, the coaches spend time getting acquainted with the campers and having fun together. The campers are constantly monitored by camp specialists. Throughout the week the camp arranges several games for all campers which advance teamwork and sport spirit. The racing class is conducted daily. One of the classes is comprised of relays only. And on the last camp evening, it is the very time for the campers to take it easy a little when the racing class is exchanged with a fun activity.

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