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What are the Reasons to Ride a Bicycle?

What are the Reasons to Ride a Bicycle

Everyone knows that one should spend more time in the fresh air. And the ideal option is a two-wheeled “horse”. Yes, it is a bicycle. In the opinion of YMCA BCC, that is the optimal solution for an active pastime. And there are a lot of reasons for this. To find them out, read our article.

The benefits of cycling: Why bike riding improves your health

Regular cycling strengthens your heart and blood vessels, which is very important. The general endurance of the body also increases. When the cardiovascular system works smoothly, it enriches all muscles with oxygen.

While riding a bicycle (and not necessarily fast), the heart muscle constantly contracts, the load on it increases, and therefore it becomes more enduring. Constant cycling leads to remarkable results – effective heart function, oxygen saturation, and the desire to be active.

At the beginning of the journey (during the first trips), it will be noticeable how hard the heart beats. But over time, with the same load, the heart will stop beating like that. To monitor this process better, you can install a special bike computer with a heart rate monitor.

Another advantage of cycling is the prevention of varicose veins. Everything works easily: when driving, the blood does not stagnate in the vessels. And after all, such nodes with stagnant blood are the cause of this disease. In addition, the risk of ischemic myocardial diseases is reduced. Experts made an analysis and came to the conclusion that systematic cycling reduces the risk of a heart attack!

The lungs also develop because with physical exertion, they breathe in more air, which means that they work 100%. The resulting air saturates the entire body, including the brain. Cycling is of great benefit to smokers. The lungs are cleared of nicotine and tar. And in order to achieve the best results, it is better to ride outside the city – in the forest and mountains.

Cycling forces you to maintain balance and develop the vestibular apparatus. That is, coordination increases. And riding is of great benefit to human vision since while driving, it is necessary to follow the road and pay attention to a variety of details. Vision trains and works in different modes.

As for the muscles, almost everyone is involved during such walks. Because of this, the figure becomes more toned, elastic and relief.

Almost always, a person has a desire to eat after a good bike ride. This is a positive signal, which means that metabolism has become better, and the body is healthier.

In other words, it’s hard to overestimate the benefits of a bike because it’s actually huge. And if it seems to you that cycling is what you need, but you have not done physical exercises for a long time, you first need to train. A prepared organism will make it easier to endure cycling on different terrain. It is best to start 2 weeks before going outside with your bike. The most common exercises will be enough to tone the body.

If you also want to lose weight, then ride a bicycle constantly. If possible, do this every day. But sometimes you need to take breaks so that the body is not oversaturated with such training.

There is one more thing one should keep in mind: assess your capabilities sensibly. This means that you do not need to ride to the point of exhaustion, because such walks should be pleasant.

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