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Soccer for Success®

Soccer for Success® is a free after-school program that is proven to help kids establish healthy habits and develop critical life skills through caring coach-mentors and family engagement. The YMCA in partnership with the US Soccer Foundation, Campbell’s Soup Company, and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey have provided Soccer for Success in Camden City for the last 6 years with over 2,000 kids participating in the after-school based program.

Soccer for Success stresses the importance of teaching kids the values of caring, respect, honest, and responsibility through youth development, social responsibility, and healthy living to strengthen their community. The Soccer for Success program works with school officials, parents, community members, and other local stakeholders to create a safe environment where kids can enjoy physical activity, be engaged by committed coach-mentorship, learn nutrition education, while sharing valuable family time throughout the program.

The Soccer for Success program starts their Fall Season in mid-September

Yearly Events

  • Kick off
  • Year End



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