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Best Summer Camps in the World

If you want your child to study a foreign language with pleasure and without reminders, see the world, make new friends from many countries and return home full of new experiences – send him/her on vacation to an international camp recommended by YMCA.

One of the main advantages of such camps for children and adolescents is full immersion in the language environment. Classes are taught by experienced teachers, native speakers. As a rule, it is forbidden to use native speech in the camp, and it is useless: under the new conditions, a foreign language becomes the only effective means of communication. The cost of vouchers often includes a variety of excursions and acquaintance with cultural and natural attractions. Therefore, favorite YMCA summer camps are also a chance to get to know the country, its inhabitants, customs, history, which incredibly expands the horizons of any child. Therefore, there is probably no better recreation for children than in an international camp.


If your child cannot live a day without a gadget and at the same time he/she is inspired by the stories of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and dreams of becoming a great programmer and working at Google, Apple or Microsoft, then choose ID TECH children’s camp. The child will be taught the process of creating applications, the basics of programming, modeling, robotics, and will also master the skill of logical and mathematical thinking.

2. 360 Student Travel

The children’s camp “360 travels for students” will allow your child to get a comprehensive development and in one summer will learn how to ride a bicycle, and acrobatic tricks, and the basics of rock-climbing, and even plant and grow rice fields. And the main feature of this camp is a unique opportunity to become volunteers in a panda nursery. Children love to spend time with these cute bears and at the same time quietly develop the skills of compassion and learn compassion for our smaller brothers.

3. New York Film Academy

Lights, camera, action! If these phrases make your child break into a satisfied smile, then this camp for young professionals of the film industry is especially for you! The main policy of the camp is less theory and as much practice as possible. Here your child will plunge into the process of creating a real movie, learn how to work with a camera. By the way, world stars Steven Spielberg, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and others send their children to study at the Film Academy in New York.

4. UN Camps, USA

Does your child think globally and tries to help everyone who needs it? So why not give him/her the opportunity to be in a children’s camp organized by the United Nations? Here he/she will gain a broad understanding of various peoples and cultures, learn how to solve the most diverse problems of mankind and listen to lectures by world-famous professors. Who knows, maybe this camp will be a chance for your child to become a member of the UN?

5. NASA Space Camp, USA

Probably everyone dreamed of becoming an astronaut in childhood. Is your kid no exception? If your child is interested in space, then the NASA camp is what you need. Here your child will get unique knowledge from real astronauts and scientists, a lesson on a real space station and intensive physical training.

6. FC Barcelona Camp, Spain

The FC Barcelona Camp will be the dream of any young football player. It is ideal both for a career of future football talent and for improving the Spanish language of children who are fond of football. Let your child join the global football community of professional athletes!

7. Swiss Sailing Camp in Locarno, Switzerland

Now imagine how your child will be excited if you give him/her a new hobby of yachting. At Swiss Sailing Camp, your child will learn the basics of sailing and feel like a real “sea wolf”, and you, in turn, will note his/her development of communication skills, expansion of the vocabulary of foreign words, development of leadership qualities and the ability to work in a team.

8. Explosives Summer Camp, USA

Is your child’s favorite school subject chemistry? And he loves pyro-technics? Then choose Explosives Summer Camp in Missouri. Here your child’s craving for explosions will be directed in the right direction, and the most successful ones will possibly find their future profession. After all, this is the place where Pavel Vorsi, the director of the camp, promptly “recruits” talented children for future work in the mines of the research institute.

9. Girls Rock Camp, USA

Has your daughter hung all the walls with posters of Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd? Do you wake up every morning to the bass of the guitar or to the rhythmic tunes of your favorite rock artists? Then send your rock star to Girls Rock Camp. Here the child will be taught vocals, playing musical instruments and the ability to confidently stand on stage.

10. Whale Compass Camp, Canada

Is your child interested in the secrets of the ocean? Does he want to meet “face to face” with marine life? Discover a new world every day? All this is offered by the children’s camp Whale Compass Camp on the amazingly beautiful island of Gran Manan in Canada. This is not just a children’s camp abroad, it is a place of boring biological research and incredible discoveries. Therefore, if your child is passionate about biology, do not hesitate!