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Local Residents Meet Weekly for a Cause

I like being a part of the club because I like to see to see the other members and to get involved in the community.”
-Bill Brown, member since 1963


The Y Service Club (formerly known as the Y’s Men Club) of Moorestown was founded in 1927. The club will celebrate its 90th anniversary on April 3, 2017. Since its inception, members have been committed to supporting the mission and values of the Y. While membership was originally limited to only men, everyone who values and supports the Y’s mission is welcome today.


Meet Sherri – Manager, Membership

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi!  My name is Sherri Gordon, and I am a active mother of two wonderful children, Kendell 11 years and Kailyn 6 years and a loving wife to my husband, George. I enjoy working out bright and early at the Burlington-Riverfront YMCA and being a cheerleader for my little ones during their baseball, softball, basketball and field hockey games! Family means a lot to me.

What’s your Y story?

From attending Camp Worth as a youngster to now bringing my two children to swim lessons or basketball leagues, the Y has been a huge part of my life. Knowing that they Y is a safe place for my family and enriches them with great values such as having confidence, being kind and understanding of self worth! I am excited to make more AMAZING Y memories with my Mt. Laurel YMCA staff.

(L-R) Kendell and Sherri

(L-R) Kendell, Kailyn and Sherri

In a nutshell, describe your position at the Y.

In a nutshell I hope to educate our new and veteran guests on all the programs that the Y has to offer them and their families. I will engage members in new and exciting programs and provide support for the community of Mount Laurel and surrounding areas. Most  of all, I hope to motivate and grow my staff in every opportunity available to them under the Y umbrella!

What is most exciting about your new role?

Getting to know and engage with the members both new and existing to the Mt. Laurel YMCA!

If you could pick any superhero power, what would you choose and why?

I would pick two:

  1. The power to heal so I can take away any pain that makes one suffer.
  2. The other would be endurance because there just isn’t enough time to sleep to get everything done in one day!

What are your favorite things to do on weekends?

Attending Kendell or Kailyn’s sporting events and being their biggest cheerleader! Even though sometimes they may be embarrassed by my loud mouth. 

What did your 5-year-old self want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a teacher or a nurse, I love helping others.

Share an inspirational quote you live by.

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” by Maya Angelou

YMCA REACH Students Develops Relationships & Improves Skills

“I felt bad I couldn’t shoot the basketball as well as other kids but the mentors told me to keep trying. They taught ziyanme not to give up.”

Ziyan, a reserved 11-year-old from Westampton, would have spent his summer in front of the television if his dad hadn’t introduced the idea of the Y’s REACH (Realizing Educational And Career Hopes) program. The four-week series connects pre-teens with mentors and role models to expose them to healthy choices, leadership activities and community resources in an effort to avoid risky behaviors.


Mt. Laurel YMCA Child Care Student Experiences Achievement, Friendship and Belonging

“The Y is fun. I like playing with my friends, seeing my teachers, being the weather helper and circle time.”jenn-ella

Ella was just 8 months old when she first started in the infant room at Mt. Laurel YMCA Child Care. Her parents, Dayna and Haynes, were long-time YMCA members and her grandmother has worked for the Y for 26 years. When it came time to finding child care, after visiting other local facilities, Ella’s parents were confident the Y, with its family-oriented focus, was the best place for their children.


Military Family Spends Quality Time Together

“I have the mindset that if I’m being active, the kids should be too. The family class is perfect to help us lead a caraballohealthier lifestyle.”

Paula, her husband Joel and their 7-year-old twins Marcos and Abigail joined the Y after receiving a free membership for military families, funded by the Y and The Dunkin’ Donuts & Baskin-Robbins Community Foundation.


Retiree Keeps Active and Healthy at the Y

“I like going to the Y because I love taking the classes with Y instructors, Cherri and Mary. Thanks to them I am marsha-rounded_corners-2able to keep active and motivated.”

Marsha has been a member of the YMCA of Burlington and Camden Counties since 1979, when she began taking YMCA classes at Moorestown Friends School. After the Mt. Laurel YMCA was built, Marsha would take classes there because she felt like it was a very comfortable atmosphere and the class instructors kept the classes individualized and engaging.


YMCA Day Camper Becomes Star Counselor

“I have been in the Y for so long and consider it a big part of my life and my family. I always feel comfortable at thejake-shirt-edit-round Y.”

Jake, 18, began attending YMCA Day Camp and Primetime School Age Child Care at age five. Even at such a young age, he knew it was important to uphold the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Jake was always ready to help out his fellow campers or counselors, for whom he had great respect, and each year, he looked forward to making new friends in Y programs.


YMCA Campers Learn Valuable Life Skills

“Cycle & Science Camp brought us to places we had never seen before. And we got there fast!”dominic and natalie rounded_corners


Dominic and Natalie, 12-year-old twins, never had the opportunity to attend summer day camp. Then in 2015, the YMCA began a free 4-week Cycle & Science Summer Camp through the Y’s Watershed Education by Bike program funded by the William Penn Foundation.


The YMCA Competitive Swim Academy Meets the Olympics!

In light of the Summer 2016 Rio Olympics, swimming is on everyone’s mind. A sport that is arguably one of the most exciting to watch, it is understandable why your young athlete between the ages of four and ten may be interested in accelerating his or her swimming abilities. Luckily for them, the YMCA offers a program called “Competitive Swim Academy” during the fall, winter, and spring seasons at the Moorestown Community House.

Depending on the level your young swimmer is currently on can determine which level in the academy they should take. For example, Level A – Beginner is for those who need to focus on flotation, kicking with boards, basic breath control, and more. We also offer electives for more fun exercises. Level E – Stroke Review, introduces practice drills for all four strokes that our Phoenix swim team uses, as well as time control and medley.

Teamwork is super important, and it is great to watch young swimmers grow together. Take Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps, for example. The two took the gold medal in the 4x200m relay, and swam in the 200 IM race in the lanes next to one another. They have been swimming at the same events since the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece, and have competed side-by-side for years following. Both swimmers are an excellent example of how hard work and pure dedication can take you far.

Our Fall Competitive Swim Academy Session runs from September 25 to November 15. If you miss that one, no worries! Our Winter Session begins right after the holiday season and goes from January 8 to March 7. No matter when your young athlete dives into swimming lessons, they are sure to receive the best training. They’ll be a mini Michael Phelps or Katie Ledecky in no time. Give us a call today at 856.231.9622(YMCA) x302 to talk to Kristin Talbot or click here to register for an open house on September 11 from 11:00am-1:00pm or September 13 from 5:00pm-7:00pm for more information!

Meet Janette Kelly – Lead Teacher and Site Director

The YMCA of Burlington and Camden Counties had the pleasure of speaking with Janette Kelly and learning about her time before and with the Y. Janette is the lead teacher and site director at the Child Care area of Fountain Woods Elementary School in Burlington Township. She moved to New Jersey from Florida, where she was a kindergarten teacher. After moving, Janette realized she could do anything she wanted, as she had a clean slate and an entirely new state full of opportunities. However, her heart was still devoted to helping young children succeed and grow as human beings, so she joined the YMCA family.

Janette likes to focus on reading and making children appreciate a good story. She has her Masters in Reading, and loves animation. She believes in allowing each child to take part in the storytelling process in order to make them feel involved. Janette finds doing activities based on the books to be an excellent method of connecting the children with their books.

Janette says that her favorite part of the Y is that “we work so hard and so long with the children. There’s a very personal relationship with the teachers and the staff with the children that are here. I love the fact that the Y responds to the community. Whatever the need is in the community, the Y tries to either partner up or resolve that need. I love being a part of something that’s positive.”

We are proud to have Janette Kelly among many other wonderful teachers, coaches, and staff at the Y. Each member is a fundamental aspect to providing our children with the lessons they need in the classroom, on the field, or simply in life. As Janette said, she loves watching children grow and develop despite the challenges they might face in their lives. At the Y we believe in educating children from a young age to assure they grow to be the incredible people they are meant to be.

To learn more about Janette’s journey, watch our interview with her here!


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